Slate Valley Unified School District

We Believe:

  • In ┬áproviding for the social, emotional and academic needs of every child so that they feel connected, safe, and respected in order to ensure student achievement.
  • In providing a challenging and engaging atmosphere in which all members of the school community can learn and grow.
    In providing opportunities for inquiry, research, global collaboration, and communication.
  • In providing varied, rich and personalized opportunities for learning.
  • In providing experiences to develop critical thinking skills that allow students to become engaged participants in their school communities and beyond.

Budget Information


2018 (1 yr.) Jody Goodhue
2019 (2 yrs.) David Renninger
2020 (3 yrs.) Amy Munger

2018 (1 yr.) Toni Lobdell
2019 (2 yrs.) Liz MacKay (Clerk)
2020 (3 yrs.) Julie Finnegan

Fair Haven:
2018 (1 yr.) Tara Buxton
2019 (2 yrs.) Michael Bache (Chair)
2020 (3 yrs.) Roy Eckler (Vice Chair)

2018 (1 yr.) Shannon Baldwin
2019 (2 yrs.) Joshua Hardt
2020 (3 yrs.) Michael Fallis

2018 (1 yr.) Peter Stone
2019 (2 yrs.) Glen Cousineau
2020 (3 yrs.) David Carpenter

West Haven:
2018 (1 yr.) John Oakman
2019 (2 yrs.) Angela Charron
2020 (3 yrs.) Michael (Trevor) Ezzo

Committee Assignments